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FDW Tuesday Workshops


 Tuesday, August 15, 2017   

Time:   10:30 AM- 12:00 PM





Department Meetings  

Department Heads   

During this session, departments are invited to meet as a team to develop their plans and objectives for the next academic year and address any departmental work such as assessment planning, procurement, and HLC efforts.  

Time: 1:00 PM  





Alonzo Rhoden and Adebunmi Adeboje  

Office 365/Windows 10  

Installation and implementation of Windows 10 is happening fall 2017. Attend this session to learn about upgrades to support your semester academic planning. Learn what you get with Office 365. Faculty will gain skills in using SharePoint for cloud storage of files, group collaborations, and sharing of documents.  


Prof. Montreal  

Interdisciplinary Panel: Why Communication Skills Are Important  

Join this panel discussion on the importance of communication skills in the classroom, between student and faculty, between faculty and administrators, and around the college.  


Prof. Tomer Kanan and iWork Representative  

iWork Presentation  

iWorx provides a full range of advanced hardware and software tools for physiology teaching and research.

For teaching, iWorx has introduced its new family of easy-to-use TA (Teaching Assistant) kits for human, animal, exercise and psychological physiology and neurobiology.  The kits include all instrumentation, software, and professionally developed courseware to teach college level labs.

iWorx advanced research solutions include high performance recording hardware, software, and components that accelerate metabolic, cardiovascular, neuromuscular and respiratory physiology research. In addition to data acquisition systems, iWorx offers a full selection of signal conditioners, stimulators, transducers, electrodes, cables, and general-purpose laboratory equipment and accessories.


Dr. Carolyn Goffman  

Director, Certificate Program in Teaching English in the Two-Year College, DePaul University  

Training the Next Generation of Instructors: Interns in Your Classroom  

DePaul’s Two-Year College Teaching Internship program places graduate students in Chicago-area classrooms to work alongside experienced instructors.  This session will explore the internship experience from the student intern's and the mentor/instructor's viewpoints and discuss ways in which sponsoring an intern contributes to the profession by allowing experts on the ground to have a role in training new faculty.  What are the professional and ethical responsibilities of training new instructors for the adjunct pool and for full-time employment? What sets the two-year college instructor apart? How were YOU trained for your job? This session will be discussion-based, and participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences as well as learn about mentoring a teaching intern.  

1103 C  

Prof. Maria Kossakowski  

Where Do I Start? Revisions, New Courses, and New Programs =PACC   

This session will provide an introduction into the City Colleges of Chicago Curriculum Development process. It will include an overview of the types of proposals that can be developed, as well as the steps that each proposal must go through before gaining approval--including expected timelines.  

Time:  2:00 PM  


Facilitator(s) and Title  


2310 (ASC)  

Alonzo Rhoden  

Blackboard Basics and Testing Systems  

Learn how you can establishing test models for assessment and evaluation in your courses.  


Prof. Tomer Kanan  

Plicker and ZipGrade  

Plickers grew out of a shared belief that teachers shouldn’t have to teach blind, data doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and students shouldn’t be afraid of being wrong. We believe that deep learning can happen when we measure our progress and use data as a starting point, not just an ending metric.  

ZipGrade turns your phone or tablet into an optical grading machine similar to a Scantron. It reads free-to-download answer sheets in multiple sizes. Provide instant feedback to students by grading exit tickets, quizzes, and formative assessments as soon as they finish.  Many teachers now grade as soon as students complete a quiz or test. Students receive immediate feedback and teachers can redirect differentiated learning quickly.  


Panel Discussion: Classroom Management  

Various Faculty  

Whether you are an experienced educator or a novice, every instructor must face the challenges of managing the environment and student engagement. Share your best practices with your colleagues in this session.  


Interdisciplinary Panel|Bridging the Gap: When Gen. Ed. Meets Health Sciences  

Various Faculty  

Come and join in the conversation on how general education instruction links with health science programs. This dialogue informs how best to serve students moving forward.  


Director Scott Velasquez
District Office

Title IX: Keeping in the Know!  

This is a pertinent session on current information pertaining to Title IX and your students.  



Dr. Linda Brown-Aldridge  

Simulation, Stimulation in the Classroom  

This presentation provides a brief overview of how to incorporate simulation into classroom activities. Participants will be given a template to prepare for a classroom simulation with examples of types of simulation that can be used.