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FDW Wednesday Workshops

Wednesday, August 16, 2017






9:30 a.m.       

Conference Center       

Dean Walker/Rep.       

RUSH! To Know Your Community Partner       

How are our students doing beyond Malcolm X College? This session delves into the positive outcomes of student learning from RUSH’s experience and perspective.        

10:00 a.m.       


Dr. Erica Schweitzer       

Trauma Informed Classrooms       

Many students have trauma in their current lives and/or in their past. This session will focus on exploring essential information regarding how students with trauma may present in classes, effective ways in which to address or re-direct classroom interactions, and how to be best prepared, especially how to take care of yourself!       

10:45 a.m.       


Prof. Toni Scott       

Quick Yoga Exercise       

Time:  11:00 AM        





Prof. Tomer Kanan      

Active Learning Techniques       

Active l​earning techniques help students learn while staying engaged. Through active learning activities, students practice learned information and collaborate with other students throughout the learning process. Active learning techniques in anatomy and physiology are presented in this discussion.      


Prof. Lani Montreal/Prof.  Rachel Slotnick-Robbins      

Writing As Release       

Did you know that writing was therapeutic? This workshop will give participants a chance to unleash creativity through writing. Tap into your inner creativity.       


Ingrid Byrd       

Coaching Strategies       

This session demonstrates three basic coaching strategies for faculty, program directors, and department chairs through effective communication styles that engage students. Join and share your success stories.       

1101 A
Conf. Ctr.

Dr. Sherece Thompson      

Do You Know Where We Are?
Dental Hygiene Clinic for Students and Staff

You can become familiar with the Dental Hygiene clinic on campus through this presentation overview. Come and see what DH can offer to you and your students.       

Time: 1:00 PM        




Wellness Center

Prof. Ben Rubin       

It’s Meditation Time!       

A healthy spirit is worth its weight in gold. Join this session to learn techniques for releasing tension and stress or just to clear your mind for a new day.        


Prof. Carla Holston       

Critical Readers for Critical Thinking       

This presentation is a team-based collaborative learning experience that differentiates content-based instruction within learning communities to sustain student focus in achieving SLOs. The presenter will demonstrate how to utilize a variety of reading strategies within content-based instruction to enhance students’ comprehension and complexity of the text. This presentation targets reading across disciplines.       

2310 (ASC)       

Alonzo Rhoden and Adebunmi Adeboje      

Office 365/Windows 10 – Repeat!       

This presentation covers a myriad of features faculty can employ during the course of a semester like SharePoint, groups, and OneDrive. Participants will also receive an overview of Windows 10 Basics.      


Aleksandr Zvodinsky      

Work=Play: To Homework or Not to Homework                   

The biggest block to learning for many students is the mental state that the words “homework” and “school” create. If presented correctly, these words can revolutionize the world of a learner and increase his/her learning and retention capacity up to 50%. If every moment is perceived as one’s unique opportunity to engage in learning, then the classroom becomes a place to experience life and happiness. This session shares the latest neuroscience research results, interpretation of results, and specific actions to take to maximize student learning and satisfaction of being in school.       


Prof. Tomer Kanan/ Representative      


AdInstruments Presentation      

ADInstruments create simple, flexible tools to help scientists and educators record and analyze data quickly and efficiently.      

AdInstruments supports the scientific community with user-friendly software, specialized training options and solution-focused systems of the highest quality, giving them confidence in their data and in the power of their work.      

Time:  2:00 PM       




Outdoor Learning Garden*       

Prof. Timothy Chapman       

Tai Chi with Me!       

Join this session to learn calming techniques to manage the day-to-day stress that pollute your space and mind.       

2310 (ASC)       

Alonzo Rhoden       

Blackboard: Collaborate       

Video conferencing is made simple using Blackboard Collaborate. Use this feature with your students for class assignments and other with colleagues for meetings outside Malcolm X College.       


Dr. Erica Schweitzer       

Action Steps Towards Positivity       

The world tells us we will be happy after we accomplish our work, meet our goals, or after we “Get it Done!” This session will focus on how the opposite is actually true. When we make efforts to be happy, we work faster, more accurately, and enjoy our lives more. Come join us for an informative and funny short TED talk and a discussion of practical steps to increase your daily feelings of contentment and happiness.       


Prof. Maricuz Diaz-Boylan and Dr. Dawn Wilson      

The Impact of Health and Nutrition on Education: #Eat to Learn       

Today, the health disparities in America have increased obesity and chronic illnesses amongst children and adults in primarily low socioeconomic communities that have limited access to healthy food options making it challenging to learn in an academic setting. The purpose of this presentation is to provide educators awareness and strategies to promote healthy living in an academic setting.       

*Weather permitting; otherwise, this session will be held in the fitness center.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​