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FDW Updates

​​​Focus on HLC 

The Higher Learning Commission will be at Malcolm X College in spring 2018. Do we know how to respond? The HLC Assurance Argument will be presented during FDW-2017 to prepare faculty for the visit.   

Office Hours
Office hours will resume to prepare for the fall 2017 semester.

Adjunct Participation
For the first time in the history of FDW at MXC’s new campus, our very own adjunct reading professor will be presenting a workshop. Let’s show our support!

Drop-in Clinics
We are also excited to bring to you several new drop-in clinics in the Health Sciences: dental hygiene and nursing vitals. In addition, we have added a Q & A session on helpdesk concerns related to the classroom.

Welcome Adjunct Faculty and Adult Educators!
All part-time instructors, outside lecturers, and adult educators are invited to participate in any of the events at Faculty Development Week, on a voluntary basis.

College Tours
Remember when you were a freshman in college? Going on the college tour was full of anticipation. Well, that time is here again. You can tour MXC to discover areas you may not have seen since the Great Move! See your virtual hospital, dental hygiene clinic, library, and Academic Support Center.

Themed Days
There are sub-themes for each day of Faculty Development Week.
TUESDAY-Communication and Technology
WEDNESDAY- Health and Wellness
THURSDAY– Know Your College - HLC
FRIDAY- Union Day ​​​​