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Greetings and Welcome Back MXC Faculty,

During the summer, the FDW2017 Planning Committee (formed mostly by volunteer faculty) engaged in several discussions to determine what type of theme would reflect the current social, political, and academic climate at the College. We took into consideration several factors. For example, we reviewed survey results from previous FDWs and analyzed what our faculty had to say about them; we reviewed recommendations from faculty regarding appropriate topics; and we also reviewed the current activity related to the Higher Learning Commission re-accreditation process.

After carefully considering those elements, we decided that our future looks promising, albeit challenging. By requesting re-accreditation from HLC, we are saying that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing: putting students at the center of all our activities. To do that, we believe we need to enhance the communication among departments and disciplines; we need to adapt usage of technology in the classroom; we need to take care of ourselves and others; and we must maintain our knowledge of subject matter, pedagogies, and assessment to excel in a field that requires several levels of understanding.

 It is our hope that the program will satisfy your needs. We made sure the activities can provide you with the necessary motivation to start your semester on a good note. If we did a good job, please let us know. If we didn’t, please let us know.

Above all, we are going GREEN!! The FDW2017 Program Guide is available online for access to information at your fingertips.

2017 FDW Planning Committee​