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Communication - Reading Defined

Reading Defined

Reading is more than phonics, decoding written words into sound, word identification, and vocabulary development. Reading is a complex transactional process that requires thought and individual construction of meaning from the text.  Weaver (2002) stated, “Learning to read means learning to bring meaning to a text in order to get meaning from, or understand, a text” (p.14).

The Reading Department at Malcolm X College is committed to providing comprehensive reading instruction aimed at advancing student reading skills necessary for academic, professional and personal success.  Students are provided a variety of reading experiences, including cross disciplinary, multi-genre and multi-modal textual experience.  Through the course of reading study, students enhance:

  • semantic awareness
  • comprehension
  • fluency, accuracy
  • access to disciplinary discourse
  • rhetorical thought and expression
  • written expression
  • new literacy skills (technology)