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Speech Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilize techniques to manage speech anxiety effectively.
  2. Construct and present three major audience centered speeches: informative and persuasive.
  3. Code switch appropriately to adapt verbal messages to diverse communication environments.
  4. Select and narrow an audience-centered speech topic.
  5. Develop a specific purpose, and translate that information to form a central idea in support of speech presentations.
  6. Illustrate knowledge of outlining methods via written speech development assignments.
  7. Research and judge credible supporting materials whose goal is to explain, support, or prove a              speech thesis.
  8. Cite sources, orally and in writing, using a standard format.
  9. Use visual aids appropriately to enhance audience understanding and interest.
  10. Create a topic focused audience analysis, translate the data, and apply to speech development.
  11. ​Show, through speech presentations, knowledge of intentional delivery methods. ​