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Historical Resources

Audio and Visual Portals           

AP (Associated Press)  --The collection includes over 1.7 million global news and entertainment video stories dating back to 1895, sourced both from AP's own coverage and other content partners. Includes curated selections: Accidents & Disasters, AP Annual Reviews, AP Annual Entertainment Reviews, Conflicts & Terrorism, Crime, Economy, Iraq, Movements & Political Events, Natural World & Environment, People, Space Exploration, Sports, Universal Newsreels, US Presidential Elections 2008, and the Vietnam War.
C-SPAN Video Library  -- Has videos of their programs concerning American history.  This library is one of the most comprehensive video archives of historical, governmental and political content.      
Internet Archive   -- A huge collection of all kinds of digital media including videos, audios, and pictures.  See "Decades of music celebrating Audiovisual Heritage" for links to individual collections. Most are in the public domain.      

Library of Congress Film and Video Collections    LOC has collected videos in their American Memory and National Screening Room collections. 
PBS  -- Includes videos of history documentaries and other Public Broadcast shows.      
University of Indiana (Bloomington) Media Digitization & Preservation Initiative -- This project from U of I Library is digitizing work to preserve historical and cultural time-based media for the research, education, and enrichment of future generations.  Some included resources:
      Orson Welles on the Air, 1938-1946      
     Indiana School of the Sky                 

Documents, Texts and Primary Sources Portals     
Environmental History Resources  This website explores the ways in which people have interacted with their environments in the past.  

National Library of Scotland   This collection includes the first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1768-1771), Rise of Literacy collection, broadsides from the Crawford Collection, and James Scott bindings collection. 

The origins of the Cold War This is a portal article by Amy Dye-Reeves.  Included are links to general and specific aspects (such as the Yalta Conference and Berlin Blockade) of the Cold War 1947-1991.     

Portals to Local Communities' History by Bill LeFurgy. This list of sites, published in 2013 contains 39 county, municipal and other local institutions that provide online access to unique digital resources useful for studying the history and culture of their communities. From the Library of Congress website. The list is incomplete and some links do not work. Last revised October 23, 2013. 

Portals to state history by Bill LeFurg. This list of sites, published in 2013 includes sites that billed themselves as general-interest portals to historical resources. From the Library of Congress website. The list is incomplete and some links do not work. Last revised September 23, 2013.     
Russian, East European and Eurasian Study guide From the University of Illinois Library. Web portals. Some links don't work.

Last revised Dec. 11, 2018