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Assessment at Malcolm X College

Abra Johnson, Sociology
Assessment Committee Chair

Data and information resulting from the assessment process serve to inform improvements in pedagogy, course content, curriculum, learning resources, and student services.  Because the assessment process must be faculty owned, faculty driven, and administratively supported, utilization of assessment data by faculty is designed to improve student performance, student development, and student achievement.​​                                              

Assessment Committee Executive Members
Abra Johnson, Sociology - Chair 
Azmia Javed, Biology - Co-Chair
Claire Stuart-Quintanilla, Political Science - Assessment Liaison​​​​




Faculty & Staff

Assessment Liaisons 

Pam Nugent, Interim Associate Dean Health Careers - C2C 
Christine Dzoga, Medical Assisting
Jane Reynolds, Respiratory Care
Maribel Alimboyoguen, Dental Hygiene
Cynthia Doby, Phlebotomy
Elizabeth Arena​, 
Physical Therapist Assistant​

General Education
Mary-Pat Shepard, Mathematics
Sakeena Khan, Communication/Reading
Rachel Slotnick, Fine Arts
Linnea Forsberg, Communication/Fine Arts
Gregory Nault, English
Merhatibeb Woldeyohannes, Physical Sciences

Student Services
Akiza Bodie-Willis, Advising
Whitney Marks, Union Project Coordinator
Lisa Willis, Associate Dean of Student Development

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