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Chicago, IL  
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Criterion Sub-Committees

KKC HLC Steering Committee

Patrick Gipson, Director of Strategic Initiatives                        

Alishia Atkins, Associate Dean of Instruction  

Lucretzia Jamison, Dean of Dawson Technical Institute  

Darby Johnsen, Dean of Instruction  

Dr. Cindy Carlson, Faculty (Biology)  and Executive Chair, Assessment Committee                       

Naima Dawson, Assciate Dean of Instruction

Stephanie Owen, Faculty (Communications) and Assessment Committee Liaison                         

Baha Awadallah, Executive Director, Business Services  

Dr. Celeste McGill, Faculty (Human Sciences) and FC4 Rep                         

Eddie Phillips (Chair), Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs                         

Dr. Brandon Nichols, District Director of Assessment and Accreditation, Educational Quality                                    

Jacqueline Graham Sylvestal, Faculty Council President  

Kenneth Harris, Adult Educator and Union Representative                               


Criterion Sub-Committees

Criterion 1 Sub-Committee - Mission

Patrick Gipson (Co-Chair), Director of Strategic Initiatives                      

Abe Thomson, Operations Director - WKKC                         

Gloria White, WIOA Coordinator                                       

Dr. Karen Douglass, Faculty - Psychology and Wellness Center Manager                         

Laura Puente, Associate Vice Chancellor, Marketing and Communications                         

Darren White, Faculty - Mathematics                         

Dr. Brandon Nichols, District Director of Assessment and Accreditation, Educational Quality                         

Nate Ward, Community Affairs Liaison​                         

Benita Hunter, Faculty - Child Development            

Criterion 2 Sub-Committee - Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Alishia Atkins (Co-Chair), Associate Dean of Instruction  

Lucretzia Jamison (Co-Chair), Interim Dean of Dawson Technical Institute  

Corey Hall, Faculty-English                                            

Vera Barkus, Faculty-Speech                          

Laveta Moore, Coordinator – Academic Programs for Media and Visual Communications  

Melanie Sholes, Tutor                         

Eric Hayes, Registrar                         

Ashleigh Ballard, Director of Financial Aid                  

Kendra Purdue-Smith, Assistant Director of Financial Aid                         

Dr. Adam Carey, Librarian           

Criterion 3 Sub-Committee - Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support

Dr. Cindy Carlson (Co-Chair), Faculty-Biology and Executive Chair, Assessment Committee                      

Darby Johnsen (Co-Chair), Dean of Instruction  

Dr. Enid Wells, Faculty-Media Communications                         

Perpetua Ruiz, Faculty-Computer Information Science                         

Clifford Wilson, Faculty-Biology                         

Gregory Beachy, Associate Dean of Washburne Culinary and Hospitality Institute  

Marva Hall, Liaison to Government Agencies  

Shandra Outlaw, Tutor  

Brianna Dark, College Advisor                            

Kenneth Harris, Adult Educator                         

Michelle Yisrael, Faculty-English  

Daniel Forbes, Adjunct Faculty-Business and Computer Information Science               

Criterion 4 Sub-Committee - Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Naima Dawson (Co-Chair), Associate Dean of Instruction

Stephanie Owen (Co-Chair), Faculty-English                        

John Reid IV, Faculty-Mathematics                                                  

Pamela Thomas, Adult Education Coordinator                         

Dwayne Daniel, Adult Education Manager                        

Dr. Sangita Deb, Faculty - Chemistry

Christine Basco, Manager, Information Technology

Michael Crawford, Dean of Student Services 

Criterion 5 Sub-Committee - Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

Baha Awadallah (Co-Chair), Executive Director of Business Operations  

Dr. Celeste McGill (Co-Chair), Faculty-Human Sciences and FC4 Representative                         

Dr. Zalika Landrum, Associate Dean of Advising  

Dorothy Hill, Recruiter                                    

Shandria Holmes, Director of Academic Support  

Jocelyn Turner, Faculty - English                  

Jo'Van Harrison, Academic Success Coach (Mathematics) 

Dr. Henry Horace, Dean of Adult Education              

KKC HLC "One Voice" Team

Dr. Cindy Carlson, Faculty-Biology and Executive Chair, Assessment Committee, and Criterion 4 Co-Chair​     

Darby Johnsen, Dean of Instruction and Criterion 3 Co-Chair

Eddie Phillips, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and KKC HLC Steering Committee Chair          

Patrick Gipson, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Criterion 1 Co-Chair