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Wait List (add my name to a wait list)

Wait lists enable students who register online to sign-up on a wait list to be automatically registered in a class (course and section) that is currently full if and when a seat becomes available and you are in the number one position on the wait list. Wait lists ensure that class openings are filled on a first come, first served basis.
How do I sign-up on a wait list?
It's easy. When registering for a class online, you may see an error message informing you that the class is full. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to place yourself on the wait list for the course. You will receive an email message sent to your CCC student account confirming that you have been successfully added to the wait list and providing your numeric position on the list along with other important information. Note: not all courses offer a wait list, and signing up on a wait list does not guarantee that you will ultimately get into the class.
For more information about wait lists (understanding wait lists, how to sign-up on a wait list, and how to manage your wait lists), please refer to the Wait List FAQs.
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What are the rules for using wait lists?
  • You must be in good standing – no Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) holds, no financial payment deficiencies, not on probation, and no mandatory college advisement restrictions.
  • You must be eligible for the course – meet all prerequisites (or be making successful progress toward completing them in the current term) and any other course entrance requirements.
  • You must have availability on your class schedule for each wait listed class – since registration in a wait listed class is automatic, you must leave open the day/time slot so that no conflicts arise and no rescheduling actions are required if/when you get into a wait listed class.
  • You may not exceed your credit hour limit – the total credit hours of your currently enrolled courses plus wait listed courses may not be greater than the credit hour limit that applies to you.



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