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Kennedy-King College embodies the commitment to academic excellence and civic responsibility exemplified by its namesakes, civil and human rights activists Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Kennedy-King provides robust, holistic student support through programs, services, and social engagement opportunities designed to foster student development as well as promote college and career success.      

Kennedy-King offers a wide variety of associate degrees and certificates that prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate institutions or to enter the workforce. Serving as Centers for Excellence in Culinary, Hospitality, and Construction Technology programs, the institution collaborates with industry experts to ensure students are workforce ready.        

Kennedy-King’s Adult Education program works to improve economic mobility through high school equivalency and ELL instruction.        

The Community Education program provides a wide range of recreational, vocational, and professional development courses responsive to community interests.     


As a culturally diverse institution, Kennedy-King College is committed to excellence in education and training, and the development of well-educated, well-rounded students who are prepared for success and leadership.      


Kennedy-King College is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive, accessible education and training opportunities that respond to changing community needs and enable individuals to reach their full potential and successfully compete in the global marketplace. Kennedy-King College is committed to improving student learning in all programs and services through an ongoing comprehensive assessment process.     

To this end, the College adopted the following Purposes:       
  • Offer quality curricula that prepares students to successfully compete in the workforce or to achieve higher education goals. 
  • Provide a comprehensive general education program in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Provide an educational delivery system that upgrades skill levels, enhances employability, and responds to changing needs of the local, regional and national labor markets. 
  • Provide adult programs for basic educational attainment, English language proficiency, and lifelong learning throughout the community. 
  • Provide a comprehensive, systematic, student support system that enhances students' opportunities for successful matriculation. 
  • Ensure that students who complete programs are academically, socially and vocationally competent individuals.