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The department comprises of a number of disciplines from the introduction to music, from beginning piano and advanced piano, from music elements, structure through classical, baroque and romantic periods, from introduction to jazz and its historical background and music throughout the ages.  The department also offers introductory courses which are useful for beginning students. 

  • Music 101 - Fundamental of Music Theory: Introduction to music theory and application : rhythm, meter, scales, interval, triads, and musical terminology.
  • Music 105 - Group Piano I:  Class instruction in beginning piano techniques through study in small groups.
  • Music 106 - Group Piano II: Continuation of Music 105. Minimum of six hours practice per week required for credit.  Students majoring in music are required to take two semesters of study with private instructor following this course.
  • Music 121 - Introduction to Music: Elements, structure, listening, literature, aesthetic perspective, concert attendance.
  • Music 122 - Perspective In Jazz: Introduction to jazz, its historical background and its development in theUnited States.​



Faculty & Staff

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Curtis Prince, D.M.​ ​(773) 602-5315 ​Y183
​Peter Carney ​(773) 602-5315 ​Y183
​Christopher Clemente ​(773) 602-5315 ​Y183

Clerical Support 

Judith Chaney​ 


(773) 602-5195 





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