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Humanities, Fine Arts, Theatre

Desmond McFarland

Department Chair

The Department comprises a number of disciplines from the study of the earliest civilizations to the philosophy of the mind, from world literature to the study of comparative mythology and great religions of the world, from the beginning of theatre in ancient Greece to the latest Broadway plays and Hollywood movies, from music through the ages to the appreciation of art.

The department also offers an introductory course in Latin which is useful for beginning students and those entering the fields of nursing and law.​





Faculty & Staff

Name​ Phone​ ​Email ​Office
Janet Berardo, Ph.D.​ ​(773) 602-5196 ​Y180
​Curtis Prince, M.D. ​(773) 602- 5315 ​Y183
​Samuel Akainyah ​(773) 602-5195 ​Y182
​Desmond McFarlane ​(773) 602-5242 ​Y182
Adjunct Faculty:​
Peter Carney​ ​(773) 602-5315 ​Y183
​Christopher Clemente ​(773) 602-5195 ​Y182
Rosanna Di Salvo​ ​(773) 602-5388 ​Y185
​Martin C J Miller ​(773) 602-5195 ​Y182
​Judith M Miller ​(773) 602-5195 ​Y182
​Charles Spencer ​(773) 602-5388 ​Y183
​Donald Sprague ​(773) 602-5185 ​Y183
​Kristen Williams ​(773) 602-5388 ​Y185

​Clerical Support: 

Judith Chaney 


(773) 602-5195 





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Contact Information

(773) 602-5195
(773) 602-5192
6401 South Halsted Street
Academic Building, Suite Y171
Chicago, IL 60621
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Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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