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Success Stories

Karla Gama Ramos

Class of 2015 Valedictorian

Karla was raised on Chicago’s South Side, along with her two brothers, by her mother and step-father. Sacrifice is something that she always understood. Her family came from modest means and her step-father worked two, and sometimes even three, jobs to provide for his family. Her parents always encouraged Karla to pursue her curiosity, and that fostered a love of learning.

While proud to be accepted into Whitney Young High School, she never felt like she fit in. Not only did she not have friends at the new school, but her grammar school had left her completely unprepared for the rigors of high school. Karla lost motivation in high school as she saw those around her deciding what to do with life at 16 or 17 while she still had no clue on possible career options. Without goals, she didn’t see four-year universities as an affordable option, and her counselor never offered City Colleges as an alternative.

Armed only with a high school diploma, Karla bounced from job to job for years, wishing she could afford to go back to school. Always pushing her to succeed, her parents offered to pay part of her tuition if she started at Richard J. Daley College. Despite City Colleges’ low cost, Karla understood the financial stress a promise like this meant for them. She was determined that their sacrifice would be worth it.

Starting with the intention of keeping her head down and being a good student, her work quickly drew the eye of her professors. Given the guidance and the support, Karla joined, and eventually took a leadership role in Phi Theta Kappa and the Honors Program. Karla blossomed as a student, and a person. Thanks to her time at Daley, she’s ready to take her next steps. She plans to double major in English and History before using that knowledge to help others follow their dreams; she wants to teach in CPS neighborhoods like the ones she grew up in. She says she wants to show them what City Colleges showed her.

Alexander Dyckman
Class of 2015 Salutatorian

Alexander needed time to k​now what he wanted. After being homeschooled from Kindergarten through the 12th grade, he needed to think about his next step. He stepped away from school for more than a year trying to find what he should do with his life. On his parents’ advice, he began taking classes at Daley College.

Being in his first public education setting was a stark transition for Alex. He wasn’t prepared for the structured environment and he started getting failing marks in his first math class. Almost giving up right then, Alex chose a complete 180. He committed completely and refused to fail. Pulling himself through a class that challenged him that much made him realize he was capable of anything. For him, getting good grades helped him keep getting good grades.

Alex will be interning in the summer before making the transition to a four-year business degree program. He wants to be the absolute best employee he can be before he finally branches out and starts a business of his own.

Linda Boulton 
Class of 2014 Valedictorian      

While at Daley College, Linda Boulton was a full-time student, a tutor, a mentor, and a health coach. She spends her time working as a tutor and mentor at Chicago Public Schools on the Southeast Side. In addition, she has recently started her own business as a health and fitness coach to help people achieve their health and weight loss goals.​ After graduation, Linda plans to attend Saint Xavier University to pursue her bachelor’s degree in communications.​