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Tutoring Center

Gardenia Rangel
Director, Developmental Education

Daley College's Tutoring Center offers free tutoring and academic support services to assist students in achieving personal and academic success. Tutors are available in a wide variety of subjects to assist students through one-on-one and group tutoring sessions. We encourage any student to seek tutoring to gain a deeper comprehension of course content and to enhance learning development.  

CASH to ROI Program

The Comprehensive Academic Support and Help to Return on Investment (CASH to ROI) program assists students needing remediation prepare for college level courses through a process of mandatory, supplemental instruction and socialization. The CASH to ROI program assist students better prepare for and integrate into college.  

The goal of the CASH to ROI program is to ensure student success in remedial education and to promote success in college level courses. The CASH to ROI program aims to help students (1) relearn prior instruction, (2) reinforce basic skill concepts, (3) achieve level and knowledge gains and, (4) increase student retention and student success.  

Students who place into the following courses are automatically enrolled in the program:  

  • English 98
  • English 100
  • Reading 99
  • Reading 125
  • Math 98
  • Math 99
Students enrolled in the CASH to ROI program are required to meet the following criteria as it will account for 15 percent of their final course grade.  
  1. Attend a total of eight 90-minute modules of group tutoring (five during the summer).
  2. Complete five hours of online instruction.
  3. Attend two sessions of academic advising.
  4. Retake the CCC placement exam.

Tutoring Services

Taking advantage of tutoring services is quick and easy.  

  1. Check tutor availability or make an appointment using GradesFirst. Log into GradesFirst. On your homepage, you'll see your courses listed and a link to schedule a tutor appointment. You can find drop in tutoring services or make an appointment.
  2. Visit our Tutoring Center. Meet the tutoring staff and make arrangements for tutoring services.
    • Tutoring Center - Room 3114
    • Aruturo Vasquez Institute - Room 2220

What Tutors Expect From Students

  1. Don’t procrastinate. We are happy to assist you with study prep, note taking, brainstorming, and final revisions, but please do not wait until the last minute to request tutoring services. It is important to remember that tutoring sessions are limited in time, so plan accordingly.
  2. Come prepared to tutoring sessions. Bring any relevant textbooks, syllabi, class materials, notes, and papers. It is easier for the tutors to provide excellent tutoring service if you bring the appropriate materials to a tutoring session. Additionally, it is important for your tutor to refer back to any relevant materials provided by your instructor.
  3. Read your textbook and any relevant material provided by your instructor. It is difficult for you to understand the course material if you have not read assigned pages from the textbook. Additionally, the tutors cannot provide assistance if you have not read the appropriate material(s).
  4. Come with a plan and questions. Know what material you would like to cover within that tutoring session. Actively participate in the tutoring sessions by having a list of questions to ask your assigned tutor.
  5. Tutors will not do your homework for you. We strongly encourage you to attempt to complete your assignment prior to requesting a tutor so you can take note of specific concepts where you need help. You and your tutor can review these concepts and work through similar problems. However, the tutor cannot do your homework for you nor help you with take-home tests, quizzes, or projects.
  6. Be Respectful. Do not talk on your cell phone or cause distractions while working with your assigned tutor.

Subjects Available for Tutoring

    Biology ​Business Chemistry ​CIS (Computer Info Systems)
    English - Reading & Writing ​Math ​Physics ​Spanish

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(773) 838-0330
7500 S Pulaski
Room 3114
Chicago, IL 60652
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