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Career Planning & Placement Center

Dr. Julie MacCarthy

Director of Career Planning & Placement

Goal Setting

Many students enter college undecided or with only a vague idea about what career they wish to pursue. Students often mistakenly believe that choosing a career is the same as choosing a major. However, careers and majors (academic program) are very different.     

  • Career: the work you wish to pursue following graduation; it is your ultimate goal.
  • Major (academic program): the means you choose to reach your goal; that is, the academic program selected to prepare you for your career.

Your first decision is to determine the career you wish to pursue. Once this decision is made, you can choose a major that will support your goal. Sometimes more than one major leads to the same goal. You should choose the path that reflects your academic strengths and/or interests.     

Career Development as a Life-Long Process

Career Services envisions career development as a life-long process and empowers students and the community through its programs and services to develop and implement a plan to achieve their current and future career goals. Whether students or community residents are exploring career options, deciding on a major, making a career change, or searching for a job, Career Services can help.     

Career Services can help you...

  • Find the career and major best suited for you
    • Complete an online career and educational program (FOCUS-2)
  • Learn how to complete a job application
  • Learn how to create a resume that will get you noticed, along with cover letters and thank you letters
  • Learn about effective interviewing skills
  • Find a job
    • Register for the City Colleges of Chicago online job board: Career Network  careerNetwork_CCC_SP2013.jpg
    • Annual Career Fair
  • Learn about internships and work-based learning

Career Services offers...

  • Individual career advising
  • Career workshops​​



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