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Massage Therapy Advanced Certificate

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Advanced Certificate (AC)

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The Advanced Certificate Massage Therapy program provides the educational background required for pursuing a career as a massage therapist.  The curriculum covers the foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to function as a licensed massage therapist.  The program focuses on student development in therapist-client communication, ethical massage practice, professionalism, business skills, self-care practices, and cultural competence.​

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46  CH
Anatomy And Physiology 4
Laboratory studies in gross and microscopic mammalian anatomy. Lectures correlating human anatomy and physiology. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course.
IAI Approved
Offered at: Malcolm X Olive-Harvey
Terminology For Medical Careers 3
Basic medical vocabulary for allied health professionals and others with minimal background in anatomy and physiology; includes study of the human body systems. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course.
Offered at: Harold Washington Harry S Truman Kennedy-King Malcolm X Olive-Harvey Richard J. Daley Wilbur Wright
Health Professions
Health Career Studies 3
This course introduces students to the integral knowledge and professional skills required to be successful in healthcare careers. It prepares students for the rigor of healthcare career programs. It emphasizes understanding of the professional culture, deep learning of key foundational skills, application of health information technology, and demonstrating cultural competence in interactions with others. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course.
Prerequisites:English 101 eligibility, or consent of department chairperson. Completion of the H2P orientation Program. Current and valid CPR certification. Concurrent enrollment in the HEAPRO 101 course or current and valid certification as an entry level clinical
Offered at: Malcolm X

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